Why This University Professor Says, “It’s Okay to Hate Republicans”

When we send our kids off to college, we know they will be exposed to a broad range of opinions. We know they will encounter liberal thinking, and viewpoints that may differ from those they were taught at home. What we don’t expect is that they will taught that it is acceptable to hate anyone. Yet that is exactly the sentiment espoused by University of Michigan communications professor and department chair Susan Douglas, who recently published an opt-ed piece entitled, “It’s Okay to Hate Republicans.”

She does, she wrote. In her article for the non-profit magazine In These Times, Douglas says:

I hate Republicans. I can’t stand the thought of having to spend the next two years watching Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Ted Cruz, Darrell Issa or any of the legions of other blowhards denying climate change, thwarting immigration reform or championing fetal “personhood.”

She wrote of Conservatives:

(They have) certain psychological characteristics (such as) dogmatism, rigidity and intolerance
 of ambiguity; a need to avoid uncertainty; support for authoritarianism; a heightened sense of threat from others; and a personal need for structure.

According to researchers, the two core dimensions of conservative thought are resistance to change and support for inequality. These, in turn, are core elements of social intolerance. The need for certainty, the need to manage fear of social change, lead to black-and-white thinking and an embrace of stereotypes.

Shortly after its initial publication, the website had changed the title of the article to “We Can’t All Just Get Along,” explaining that the author had objected to the original title as not truly representative of its content. The content, however, sparked outrage on her campus, particularly among conservative groups and advocates of free speech.

The chairman of the University of Michigan chapter of Young Americans for Freedom, and a member of the National Board of Governors for the same organization asked the school to “take action” against Ms. Douglas. Grant Strobl said:

This is blatant intolerance, and the university should take action on the behalf of intellectual diversity and all of the students who are intimidated into silence.

Bobby Schostak, chairman of the Michigan Republican Party, said:

The piece by Professor Susan J. Douglas is ugly and full of hatred, and it should not be tolerated by the University of Michigan.

The University of Michigan is a respected public institution, funded by taxpayers, and this type of bullying must be addressed by President Mark Schlissel. I am calling on Lon Johnson, Gary Peters, Gretchen Whitmer, Tim Greimel and all Democratic officials to join in condemning this disgraceful dialogue by calling for Professor Susan J. Douglas’ resignation. By endorsing the hatred of an opposing political party, Douglas has made Republican students feel vulnerable and intimidated.

The university responded in a statement by spokesman Rick Fitzgerald:

The views expressed are those of the individual faculty member and not those of the University of Michigan. Faculty freedom of expression, including in the public sphere, is one of the core values of our institution.

At the same time, the university must and will work vigilantly to ensure students can express diverse ideas and perspectives in a respectful environment and without fear of reprisal. The university values viewpoint diversity and encourages a wide range of opinions.

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  1. She’s just simply saying what liberals really feel about conservatives regardless of the party label. And I fully support her right to say and feel like she does with the understanding that the feeling is completely reciprocated.

        1. Pay no attention to eddie47 he is just anouther brain dead moron who is anxious to see how much more free stuff he can steal from hard working American taxpayers. All liberal communist democraps are addicted to opium. Other peoples money.

          1. Oh Please! More Conservative trash talking malarky! Pay no attention to Henry and his slanderous hate mongering and clearly false statement.

          2. You are the one that needs to crawl back into the hole you slithered out of. Time and time again you have proven your ignorance with you stupid rants

          3. You are nothing but a liberal piece of crap. I am not and never have been a liar. I guess you are a total moron because its Bushes fault.

          4. I should have recognised you idiotic remarks sooner but now it makes perfect sense. Only a little queer boy would start calling people liars when they don’t have a clue what they are talking about but then again most liberals prefer to swing either way. Go find a big one to suck on and stop trying to play with the straight men. I served my country. You have probably only serviced other men. Bye little faggot

          5. Get your thoughts out of the gutter. Apparently you never served with pride to have such feeble thoughts.

          6. Eddie47 you just need to come out of the closet. Everyone knows what you are. Your rants have given you away little queer boy

      1. only difference is we are FORCE-FED THIS LIBERAL BULLSHIT 24/7 via our own taxdollars from 2nd grade on up and on msnbc, abc, cbs, nbc, etc. You aren’t force-fed anything.

        1. White & Proud & Naive I see! You really believe that the Fox network doesn’t tell you exactly how to think? Doesn’t Nancy Grace tell you to be afraid of everyone and that everyone is out to get you? Doesn’t Glenn Beck spread continuous fearmongering and is as bullheaded as Al Sharpton? You have your own spoon feeders just like the left does!

          1. LOL… Fox news is the ONLY sane group out of the whole bunch!! God you are a pathetic moron!!! At least on Fox we get see how ignorant you liberals really are when we compare ideas of (YOUR HERO) Bob Bechel (the imbecile). No better place to sit and watch the stupidity pour of your mushskulls. Ignorance of the left is so fun to make fun of!!!!

          2. oh eddie … quick …look … they are having a pedophile of Year parade in your honor on central avenue … better run and jump in the Grand Marshall car. You pathetic little troll.

    1. I have read a few times Hillary Clinton had a good sound upbringing but when she went away to college, her ideas changed. Some of her professors or college friends got to her. Now she’s radical, dishonest and I guess a free thinker. I resent our taxes go to help pay for these off the wall institutions, colleges, etc., that promote this sort of stupidity. This freedom works both ways. Seems the republicans, conservatives and “good sense” people are ignored.

      1. Funny how your typical liberal is all for free speech and expressing your views as long as you agree with them. Disagree with them and suddenly they think that you need to sit down and shut up!

        1. You’re better than that mathis1689. You forget what is said around here where Conservatives think that Free Speech is their realm and anyone who doesn’t adhere to their thinking is a Liberal,Communist, Progressive, Democrat. There is no more Middle America and if you don’t take extreme sides you don’t belong. That Professor wants everything leaning to the left side and the Commenters here want everything to lean to the right side with no exceptions. Lets face it there are Liberal leaning universities and Conservative leaning universities. Brigham Young, Oral Roberts and Liberty are 3 in case someone wants to deny it.

          1. Bear in mind that I said typical liberal, not all of them. There are people on both sides who don’t want to listen to anything except what they approve of and I suspect that all of us myself included are guilty of it at times. However in my experience liberals are more guilty of it than conservatives.

    1. What was untrue about what she said? If you want honesty then accept it from the other side and if not why not. That doesn’t mean you have to agree but to learn from what other people are saying. You know fully well that you will label Democrats with unflattering names on a daily basis so are those “typical rants”? I believe so. There is also a word for that ….

      1. If she hates the way our system works so much, why doesn’t she move to Russia or China the
        Communists would welcome her with open arms.

      2. … eddie47, give me your kids for 1 hour a day 3 days a week for a whole semester and let me lecture them the way this moron “professor” is lecturing. What? No Way? why not eddie47 … cuz you are a liberal POS hypocrite. You want all of us to listen to your crap … maybe you liberal scumbags should be forced to hear something you don’t want to hear at taxpayers expense! eddie47=waste of oxygen.

        1. If I want my kids educated I certainly wouldn’t look to a hatemonger like yourself to teach them. I’ve heard your snarky remarks and race baiting on other days so no thanks I wouldn’t allow my kids to be subjected to that. My daughter finished college 20 years ago so too late for you to indoctrinate her. I would say you are the one who is wasted humanity if you want to push this into the nasty arena.

          1. no, what you would actually do eddie47 is you would rather send them to a nutjob looney liberal bastion of pedophiles, sexual perverts, and con-men!! Nice thinking you moron!!!

            PS: I bet your daughter is as stupid as you are!!!

          2. You just went downhill further. Get up off the floor and brush all the dirty nastiness off. Do you take meds to control that reckless fever you have?

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      3. Eddie: Too bad she, and obviously you, do not understand that we are a country of law, like any other. We have immigration laws, that should have been enforced all along, but have been neglected for too long, because bleeding hearts feel sorry for the people who break our laws to sneak in. Bleeding hearts don’t think people should be responsible for themselves, or the lives they bring into the world; and think that the government (the taxpayers) owe them full support so they can go on their merry, immoral way and keep making more children they can’t afford to support, and have no idea how to raise. So now the schools are raising the children, telling parents what their children need to grow up to be what the state wants them to be; good little followers, not free thinking leaders.

        There is something wrong with citizens of the USA, who think we owe people from every other country in the world, the right to come here, undermine our laws, rules, culture and country, and try to bring with them, that which should have been left behind if they didn’t like it at home. We have Muslims demanding things because of their religion, which is in conflict with our freedoms and liberties. They are demanding the right to practice their Sharia Law, which is in direct conflict with our people’s Constitutional rights and liberties.

        I suppose to some, protect this country and what it represents, may seem to be exclutional and extreme; but I propose that allowing too much tolerance of things that violate our freedoms and liberties, is going to undermine the very foundation that this country was established upon, and without a unified citizenry, this country will collapse.

        Think before you make comments that could have devastating results.

        1. You are off base in your reasoning but your point is correct. When it comes to immigration who hires them? Why Conservative farmers and ranchers in Red States. I’m not going to say that is right or wrong because they do need the labor. Do you know of any American of working age who is willing to pick the crops or bend over in the heat all day long? The statistics are against that where few Americans will do that work. In Alabama they tried to kick out all the illegals 5 years ago and the farmers were in an uproar. Their crops rotted and they lost $23 million dollars . I agree we should think before we condemn those willing to work and then allow those who aren’t willing to be on the government dole. That was also a part of the Alabama “experiment” where Americans were sent out into the fields and most quit within 3 days. The longest American worker lasted 2 weeks so lay off the laborers. I am fully against Sharia Law for it does go against our Constitution. Those entering America need to denounce this practice for it goes against our principle of equality and laws against abuse.

          1. I’m good with letting them work on farms but they can’t have kids here ….they cannot have citizenship and they cannot vote ever.

        1. Listen carefully to the comments and who is teaching hate. Its so close yet you can’t see it! Clean up your act or their act and maybe things will slowly change.

  2. This progressive piece of libtrash got one thing right….conservatives want and need structure, libtrash thrive off of chaos and division…she is a perfect example. …. damn right…..right is right and evil is evil (progressive)….call it what it is…typical libtrash try to cloud every issue so that it can’t be seen as clearly right or wrong….but most of us are not fooled by this, and will never be silenced.

  3. You can have a diverse thought as long as you’re a flaming lib, if you have a conservative bone in you body you’d better keep your mouth shut. It doesn’t matter what part of the country you’re from or what college you send them it, they better be ready for the liberal indoctrination. There are very few college campus that are conservative friendly. We swim in a sea of liberalism every day. Sometimes it over whelming. In the not to distant future, conservatism will only be a philosophy of the past. That’s why they call themselves progressives, they slowly take over.

      1. Conservatives have bumped themselves so far to the right and extremism that its come full circle. There is no where to go for them except to watch their heads implode with uncontrolled anger and a cesspool of name calling. True Conservatives use to stand for conserving,decency,standing with the American worker and a sense of fairness. Now they are lapdogs for talking heads on the Internet and TV. They repeat everything that Limbaugh and Beck,etc. say without a relevant thought of their own. Conservatives have become greedy and reckless by supporting environmental damages and Wall Street shenanigans. They don’t think twice twice about shipping jobs overseas and paying low wages as long as they have theirs. Its sad to see that some Conservatives don’t even practice the old Conservative values. THOSE Conservatives have slept with the greed making devils for so long they have lost their old values and its now normal to them. You see that’s the problem in America where extremism has taken over both the left and the right and anyone in the middle has to feed at their trough! There really isn’t anything wrong with criticizing Liberals gone wild or Conservatives gone crazy but a wise person will see the damage done on either side.

          1. Okay but in most cases those Conservatives don’t want to lose so they continue to vote for those “rino Republicans” . That concept works with Democrats too.

          2. Who should they for, Liberal Democrats who have shown they don’t understand the concept of our Government, and only understand Socialism and Communism?

          3. Is it only garbage in and garbage out with you? You have Beck’s talking points down don’t you? I could turn your spiel totally around and level it at Conservatives but your not worth the time.

  4. Hatred is worse on the hater than it is the hated. It’s like taking poison and hoping the other person dies.
    So hate away, Professor.

      1. What’s with all the hate in the article? Have you not heard that hate begets hate? I suggest you read the title then write something that makes sense. I am paying 50K for my education and hate is not what I need to pay for as a human I am capable of anything as are you…I do not need to pay for what is humanly inherent.

      2. There is a lot of passion and intensity on both sides. When it turns to hatred is when it becomes unhealthy. If the professor wants to hate, not a problem. When someone, like this professor tries to promote hatred on others, who otherwise wouldn’t hate, that’s sad.
        Hatred is a slow poison that everyone should try to avoid.
        I’m not talking about when a kid says, I hate carrots. I’m talking about true hatred.
        Some mistake disagreement with hatred. It’s possible to disagree, passionately, without the burden of hatred.
        Holding grudges and hatred only affect the hater.
        It’s possible that someone may have a grudge against me, hate me or both. I wouldn’t know it and I’ll go through me life unaffected. The hater is going through a slow burn.
        It is also possible to forgive, without pardoning some one.
        Forgiveness is more for the forgiver than it is for the forgiven, It allows you to go on with your life.

  5. A cowardly communist professor hiding behind a college front to to hate people who work and protect the Constitution. She’s a liberal who probably couldn’t possible fit in a competitive business climate so she uses her students as a way to satisfy her infantile yearning for incesssant stimulation. She needs her ass kicked up around her neck.

        1. Don’t send her to China to contaminate the people there. The people are great as my so-to-be wife is from there and I have traveled there alot. It’s the governmental policies that you may disagree with. I also have found the Russians the same. I’d send her to some desserted island with nofood or water and let her fend for herself.

          1. I truly think you’re the one who is nuts. These comments are more of sarcasm than of actually could/would ever happen.

          2. I agree with you I’ve been to china & the world doesn’t need a Billion more liberals I suggest since NASA wants to go to mars SEND HER THERE!

          3. LMAO!!!! Trouble is we are wanting to explore Mars so why the liperals a head start there as well???? Just send her into free space where maybe she’ll hit a black hole.

          4. 1whoserved; what have you against Mars, do you want to fuck up Earth / Mars interplanetary relation before they even start? Oh! I too have served with HONOR: 1966 thru 1967 1st Avn. Btn. 1st Inf. Vietnam..

          5. I dont have anything against mars – but that Proffessor could probably do more good there than here since there wouldnt be anyone there to pollute the minds of the FUTURE

          6. And possibly contaminate a perfectly good planet? Lets try a mental hospital and/or funny farm first? Getting her off those hard drugs may also speed her recovery?

          7. eddie, you never can tell- there are more things in heaven and earth that we poor mortals will ever know, North Korea has it’s own in Kim Sum Dim Sum. Or what ever that shit calls itself.

          8. Everyone including the Castro brothers thought the current Obama & Cuba connections are CRAZY……want to bet North Korea is next?

          9. I’ve read dozens of responses on the Cuban-US relationship and a wide majority have been in favor of it. What was crazy was the continued embargo and North Korea has nothing to do with it.

    1. This is nothing new, I had a Professor at Penn State (Ogonce Campus) in 1963 who called American students cowards because they weren’t ardent LEFTISTS standing at the barricades. Back then the left wing anti-government types pretended to be anti-war, but they always were for the down fall of the America Way. The Colleges and Universities shous get no Govt. monies and should teach civics, Constitution and capitalism- not how to become subject of an all incompessing welfare state.

    2. Well said….Spot On…Imbo………Could be just another one of her menopausal insane rants and she needs mental health care pronto?

    3. She needs a cat scan only I’m not sure it would show the stupidism in this dumb bitches head. Climate change yea towards cold. I wonder if she scares herself when she looks in a mirror?

  6. This University and MANY others are how we got to this…

    A Country Founded by Geniuses but Run by Idiots!

    If you can get arrested for hunting or fishing without a license, but

    not for entering and remaining in the country illegally — you might

    live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you have to get your parents’ permission to go on a field trip or

    to take an aspirin in school, but not to get an abortion — you might

    live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you MUST show your identification to board an airplane, cash a

    check, buy liquor, or check out a library book and rent a video, but not

    to vote for who runs the government — you might live in a nation that

    was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If the government wants to prevent stable, law-abiding citizens from

    owning gun magazines that hold more than ten rounds, but gives twenty

    F-16 fighter jets to the crazy new leaders in Egypt — you might live in a

    nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If, in the nation’s largest city, you can buy two 16-ounce sodas, but

    not one 24-ounce soda, because 24-ounces of a sugary drink might make

    you fat — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is

    run by idiots.

    If an 80-year-old woman or a three-year-old girl who is confined to a

    wheelchair can be strip-searched by the TSA at the airport, but a woman

    in a burka or a hijab is only subject to having her neck and head

    searched — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but

    is run by idiots.

    If your government believes that the best way to eradicate trillions

    of dollars of debt is to spend trillions more — you might live in a

    nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If a seven-year-old boy can be thrown out of school for saying his

    teacher is “cute,” but hosting a sexual exploration or diversity class

    in grade school is perfectly acceptable — you might live in a nation

    that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If hard work and success are met with higher taxes and more

    government regulation and intrusion, while not working is rewarded with

    Food Stamps, WIC checks, Medicaid benefits, subsidized housing, and free

    cell phones — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses

    but is run by idiots.

    If the government’s plan for getting people back to work is to

    provide incentives for not working, by granting 99 weeks of unemployment

    checks, without any requirement to prove that gainful employment was

    diligently sought, but couldn’t be found — you might live in a nation

    that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you pay your mortgage faithfully, denying yourself the newest

    big-screen TV, while your neighbor buys iPhones, time shares, a

    wall-sized do-it-all plasma screen TV and new cars, and the government

    forgives his debt when he defaults on his mortgage — you might live in a

    nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If being stripped of your Constitutional right to defend yourself

    makes you more “safe” according to the government — you might live in a

    nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If the media panders to your openly socialist leader while the IRS targets groups with dissenting views— you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If your government ‘cracks down’ on legal gun sales to law abiding citizens while secretly supplying illegal guns to Mexican drug cartels— you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If your local government (Chicago) outlawed gun ownership for ‘the safety of its citizens’ and now boasts the worst murder rate in the country — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    What a country!

    How about we give God a reason to continue blessing America?

    This was borrowed from another blog, author unknown, please spread it far and wide!

    1. Those who can do. Those who cannot, teach. All TOO OFTEN our teachers and college professors have been “professional students,” followed by becoming professors with little or NO experience outside of the classroom. A trade school provides a more realistic education!!!

        1. Not true. Trade schools still exist and with some one actually come out with an associates degree. It depends upon the field and length of the school and whether or not they have sought any accrediation with a regular college.

    2. I would replace the word idiots with the word traitors, other than that….bravo and the truth hurts like hell if you but had any feelings at all or the least patriotic bone in our body.

  7. I believe that she was merely describing her own party, they follow this book completely like Obama follow the book written by Adolf Hitler on who to raise up a new world order of brain washed children of a nation. This is the core value of the Obama administration of idiotic maroons.

    1. You must have attended the John Birch University to come up with that spiel. They loved spying on their fellow Americans and encouraging the arrest of anyone who disagreed with them.

      1. Nope, just commonsense and research of the past on communistic leadership, what they did and what Obama is doing to America.

        1. Then to equal things out shouldn’t we have more Liberals exposing the corruption within the Republican ranks? It was the Conservative right who allowed Wall Street to collapse under their watch. As long as Conservatives were making big bucks off those bankers everything was hunky dory for them. It was Wink! Wink! and the corruption resumed. Yes they were enabled by Democrats too but I think you get my point!

          1. LOL! That is why I said “enabled by Democrats” but you had to expose yourself by throwing the same thing out.

          2. You’re a brave soul but most entertaining. Keep it up although most of these folks would know a fact or the truth if they tripped over it.

        1. No he was indoctrinated by the Patriot Act which was brought to us by Bush/Cheney. It set the tone on spying and poking into peoples lives. It created the police state that we are now experiencing all authorized by NSA which got a huge lift from that Patriot Act. Obama did change the wording in the NDAA so a few rights were given back but did he go far enough? Heck No!

          1. He wasn’t indoctrinated he already believed it, he embraced it because he believes in Marxism and all that goes with it.

          2. Then if that’s true we might as well call you a Fascist! Even out the score a little and if you can lie then you become fair game.

    1. It’s ok to hate dumbass liberals, They think they are more intelligent than everyone else. They have ruined the country. Everything she said is true. If you paid attention, dumbass, all of those examples can be verified, but u go boy. Keep spewing ignorance.

  8. This is the kind of Marxist Trash That you Pay for when sending you young people to University. They have been preaching this trash for over 50 years and we as a country have allowed them in the name of Freedom,
    to teach our children to hate their Country, Borders, Language, Culture and in some cases even their Parents
    unless we toe the Socialist Communist Line. Wake up American Citizens before its to late.

    1. Why don’t you just declare censorship and abolish the Constitution to fit your agenda then. No FREE thought in your land will be tolerated! Sounds like you are looking in the mirror at “communism”.

          1. Fascism and communism are two sides of the same coin! Both want total government control and only ONE thought allowed sorry bud that’s YOUR philosophy!!!!

          2. Communism is left wing and Fascism is right wing. They may be both equally reprehensible but don’t deny credit where credit is due with left wingers or right wingers.

          3. Judging by the three definitions from Merriam-Webster I’m inclined to believe that we are in the fascism stage right now. The media and college professors just don’t in public refer to our so called leader as a dictator. YET.
            fas·cism noun ˈfa-ˌshi-zəm also ˈfa-ˌsi-
            : a way of organizing a society in which a government ruled by a dictator controls the lives of the people and in which people are not allowed to disagree with the government
            : very harsh control or authority

            so·cial·ism noun ˈsō-shə-ˌli-zəm
            : a way of organizing a society in which major industries are owned and controlled by the government rather than by individual people and companies
            Full Definition of SOCIALISM
            1: any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods
            2 a : a system of society or group living in which there is no private property
            b : a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state
            3: a stage of society in Marxist theory transitional between capitalism and communism and distinguished by unequal distribution of goods and pay according to work done

            com·mu·nism noun ˈkäm-yə-ˌni-zəm, -yü-
            : a way of organizing a society in which the government owns the things that are used to make and transport products (such as land, oil, factories, ships, etc.) and there is no privately owned property

          4. Your are only proving that there is a very weak socialist system in America since almost everyone owns some private property. Yes the government did set up the Interstate Highway system but that greatly helped private industry and the needs for distribution. That is why its hysterical for those on here to scream communism because it just isn’t there. Thanks for laying that out.

          5. ” That is why its hysterical for those on here to scream communism because it just isn’t there.”


            Obama and the liberals have been pushing REAL hard in that direction for over 6 years! THAT’S why Conservatives are so agitated and speaking out – we realize that the tolerance we’ve endured for leftists views for years has slowly been destroying the very institutions that have supposedly been bolstered by those same views. The silent majority is slowly waking up to the corruption and destruction that has been occurring at the hands of leftist liberal leadership. ALL the lies in the world can’t hide the results that are in front of everyone’s eyes. Liberals constantly blame conservatives for EVERYTHING that is wrong, yet it’s the liberals that have been doing all of these things.

            The truth always comes out and THAT’S the one thing liberals can’t tolerate more than anything else – THE TRUTH!

          6. You took the words right out of my mouth. My reply was going to be the same. “YET”. Apparently Eddie can’t see beyond the insides of his eyelids and doesn’t understand the steps towards the ultimate goal. I hate clichés but, “once the camel gets its nose under the tent flap…”

          7. Once the camel gets in we’ll all be feeding from the same government approved propaganda bowl feeding us our government approved food rations and telling us how good it is. Then like good little subjects we will all nod our heads simultaneously in approval or else.

          8. SOCIALISM
            You have 2 cows.
            You give one to your neighbour

            You have 2 cows.
            The State takes both and gives you some milk

            You have 2 cows.
            The State takes both and sells you some milk

          9. Fascism can be BOTH right-wing and left-wing. Hitler, Stalin, Castro are all LEFT-WING Fascists. Liberals like to confuse things and accuse Conservatives of being Fascists. The truth is that the worst fascists have always been LEFT-WINGERS.

            In addition, most Conservatives want NOTHING to do with Fascism! We are Patriots that want to see the Constitution followed and the laws obeyed NOT ignored like Obama routinely does! We don’t want anarchy OR fascism, we want LIMITED Government NOT ALL GOVERNMENT. We want RESPONSIBLE monetary policies, NOT print fake money until the paper and ink runs out and spend it like there’s no tomorrow. We want our currency based on something REAL like gold instead of thin air. We want our air and water clean, not onerous regulations used to control us and destroy our businesses and our economy based on bogus made up science.

            We want a return to the Christian, moral foundations that made this the greatest country the world has ever seen – the leader in freedom, morality, and science that put us AT THE TOP and kept us there for over 200 years. The country that everyone else in the world wants to emulate or even move to because of our standard of living and the opportunities we offer to EVERYONE. If we allow the liberal mindset to continue to take over – ALL of that will be destroyed! Are we perfect? NO! There’s always room for improvement! Becoming a socialist or communist society is NOT an improvement – it’s the destruction of all that we’ve worked for and lived for all of our lives!

          10. Hitler was indeed right wing. He used and then imprisoned union leaders to silence them, and then went on to jail gays and Jews , Jehovah Witnesses and so forth. Even Conservative Jews as most German businessmen went along with his programs and supplied him his every need. Christians of all persuasions in Germany also went along with his plans of world conquest and death camps. Many of those camps were in local German neighborhoods. Hitler also used Stalin and soon turned against him. So much for them being the same and Hitler slaughtered millions of communists in Germany and in Russia. Very Right Wing!

          11. Good try Tnet but eddy boy is too far gone: i.e., severe brain injury, drug addled, brain-washed or just born stupid – – PICK any TWO.

          12. eddy boy is a sick troll. As grandpa used to tell us: ” Never discuss religion, politics or sex habits with a queer idiot”.

          13. Liberalism means something entirely different from how the Leftists use the term today. All Words and Language has been destroyed by Marxism—to destroy debate and Truth (God) and Traditions and understanding in the ignorant masses0. They destroy the Natural Family so children are emotional cripples and dumb and easily controlled and manipulated—like tribal, slave cultures of old.

            Christianity brought the Age of Reason and the Enllghtenment and Individualism and the US Constitution. Collectivists/Socialists want to drag us back into tribalism—grouping people and creating hatred for ALL groups—males/females, children, mothers, etc. All of this was planned by Gramsci a hundred years ago to destroy Western Civ where Individuality and Christianity flourished to create the most Free cultures in the history of man……they can’t have Freedom—the few elite/bankers/sodomites want to be able to control the masses and the boys and use them in vile, dehumanizing ways—-so they are normalizing all perversion and irrational, vile ideology typical of the pagan, ancient cultures where killing babies, sodomizing boys, homosexuality, polygamy, slavery, degrading women, was “normal”.

            Christianity elevated women and eliminated Slavery, Pederasty, Polygamy, Homosexuality and other systems of beliefs in the West which used human beings in filthy, irrational ways. The Leftists have to reinstall this worldview in children by teaching them there is no difference between males and females, take “Pride” in sodomizing others, etc…….which completely destroys the Christian Worldview which established the Constitution of the USA and Western Civilization….the most free and creative and best (most fun) cultures in the history of mankind.. Chivalry and Romance are a Christian concept.

          14. Christian Conservatives held slaves and Liberals freed the slaves and pushed minorities towards equal rights. Lincoln was a Liberal Republican and Jefferson Davis was a staunch Conservative.

          15. That went over your head didn’t it. What part of Lincoln was a Liberal (at that time) didn’t you understand. It was also Liberal Republicans and Progressives who went into the South and tore down Segregation

        1. We must STOP calling these people liberals. That is a complimentary term, because it implies that someone believes in liberty.(Of thought especially) Call them what they really are (Not communists, because the vast majority don’t understand what that is) Call them LIBERTINES or STATISTS. because that’s what they really are. A revolting combination of both. People with few or no moral absolutes that rely on government to protect that insidious worldview..

          1. At you can admit that Liberals stand for Liberty and the same with Libertarians. Liberals stand for Liberty for all and Libertarians stands for Liberty of the individual. Not always much difference in trying to achieve true Liberty for the human spirit. Yet the slight differences can certainly be debated. Then with have those like yourself who spew out babble like “a revolting combination of both” and silly labels of Libertines or Statists. or “they don’t understand communism” . You try so hard to be intelligent that your meaning is lost in gobbledygook.

        1. At least I’m breathing! How can you been speaking if you are brain dead? Please fix me up with what you are taking for it must be a miracle cure.

          1. no your not breathing … remember you are out there with all the other trolls chanting, “we can’t breathe”. Loser at life … just a pathetic moral loser!!!

          2. many are wearing the” I can breathe shirts”……even better “pants up don’t loot” I like that one better…sheesh, what a screwed up country.

          3. That remind me of a funny video where a convenience store robber ran out of the store with his “pants down”. In trying to pull them back up he dropped all his loot and had to flee without a thing.

          4. I could totally see that happening… I’ve seen some of these gangsters try to run and they can’t because their pants are too low….

          5. I hear ya “the American”. Libtards have really screwed up a great nation. Pathetic individuals one and all!

          6. you wish ! You are so stupid I could give you ‘loaded revolver’ and say, “here ya go Eddie, its a .44mag mouth cleaning system. Ya put it up to your mouth and pull this little thingy here ….” YOU MORON!!!

          7. And truly ignorant, brain-washed, fools like you always have an excuse for why they are so ignorant. But, in case YOU forgot … we live in a violent society because libturds like you don’t want to hold people accountable. MORON!!!

      1. there’s a difference ….she is a government employee whos paid with taxpayer dollars, majority of which don’t agree with her and not allowed to politically influence or punish students based on political disposition.

        1. I don’t believe it said anything about her giving out bad grades to anyone who disagreed with her. Now if you can prove she punished someone I would gladly take your side on that one.

          1. I don’t see anything here that says that she did punish anyone but you have to use some common sense here ….if she’s willing to be so outright and outspoken in her hatred for conservatives that she does not apply that opinion to her students? I know when I went to college I had that problem with some of my professors…..especially history and political science.

      2. Obviously you have the liberal talking points down if you read your “thoughts” you might see what we are talking about!!!

          1. You make continued funding for mental iliness programs a necessity. No more comments until you are sober eddie47.

      3. Censorship and abolishing the Constitution are what liberals and socialists/communists are all about. Conservatives may not agree with what you say, but they will fight so that you have the right to say it. OTOH, as long as the truth is being disseminated nobody should have a problem with that. Trouble is, liberals rarely put the truth out there, they routinely distort and outright lie about everything from history to reality to science.

        1. So says you! The Liberals do this and the liberals do that ! Bla Bla Bla!!! Abolish the Constitution? Big Lie from you! Censorship? Another big lie from you The Liberals rarely put the truth out there? Three strikes and you are out! You are welcome to return but leave your lies at the door!

    2. This is very true, and the state universities that the taxpayers are paying for, need to insure that the professors they hire, are not going to be preaching this kind of trash in their professional capacity. The last thing this country needs, is more liberal bigots, who are intolerant of anything that is conservative, and Constitutional.

      1. I believe that was in reaction to Universities allowing Conservative bigots to run the show for many years . Has it gone too far to the left? Maybe so but are Conservatives tolerant of anything Liberal? That would be a resounding NO!

          1. You both just killed free speech as if Liberalism is really a disease! When you lie or make false accusations then you want the endgame to go your way so are you any better? You’d love to shut Liberals down just like that particular professor wants to shut Conservatives down. I see no difference in that lack of tolerance or attitude.

          2. “Liberals” ideas are based on false assumptions—like the Marxist idea that males are interchangeable with females. Evil–complete rubbish which eliminates Reason and Logic from children. Marxism is irrational (Ayn Rand) and there is no Truth or Virtue in their concepts. All history points to the evil, dehumanization of totalitarian worldview which makes the masses into slaves of a few…….never to be autonomous —needing permission from superiors for EVERYTHING—all interactions—-all ANTI-thetical to our US Constitution.

            That is why Political Correctness (and Hate Crimes) exist–to shut down debate (Truth) and control the allowed concepts in children.

            Wittgenstein knew and the psychologists like Edward Bernays–when you control Words and Language and Associations (photos) you can control the worldview of the masses.

            Debate ONLY allows Truth to rise to the top—and the first thing Leftists do—is CONTROL the ideas –esp. of children and ban words, ideas or demean those with the ideas they want children to hate. The revisionism in ALL of our history since Marcuse and Gramsci and Beck and Beard is all there—-just like Jolie’s elimination or downplay of the immense importance of the Natural Family and God in her “version” of the Zamperini movie…..got to erase God and Christianity and ALL of Traditions and Truth from the minds of children.

          3. Now you are the one stretching the truth to suit your own needs. Do you teach your children to hate gays and that men are superior to women? If so then you are intolerant of equality and want one segment to dominate another. We all have unique traits and very few are really better than the next person. Some people do apply themselves more and achieve a better life but they aren’t necessarily better than the guy living in a trailer or the gay couple living next door. Matter of fact the guy living in the trailer may be the hardest working person in the community and simply doesn’t get paid very much. Reason and logic means we teach our children to be tolerant of that guy who works so hard or that gay couple who probably make 3 times more than that trailer park guy. Its what someone contributes to a society that is important and do we all pay our fair share or play it forward to others. Going off into a Marxism tangent is irrational and creates division especially against gays who certainly would not be happy living under a Communist country. So your comment is counter productive to a decent conversation and would confuse the children you say you are so concerned about. You were very insulting in bringing up Zamperini and “Natural Family” and trying to connect the two. I will flat out say you were insulting to his memory for movies can only show so much. I now think you are a Conservative who wants your version told and not his real life story told. For it was about his troublesome youth and how he changed his own life and became an inspiration.Unbroken is a great movie for all to see.

          4. Here”s an analogy: Every day you get up and turn on the TV and there is a commercial for pickled pigs feet.They show the commercial every hour.The idea of eating something like that is not appealing to you to you. You go to work, and your boss says that in order to keep your job, you MUST eat pickled pigs feet, whether you like them or not..The government says that pickled pigs feet and the people who eat them must be in a class by themselves and be protected by laws. Your kids go to school and learn how to make pickled pigs feet and bring them home to you. Basically you’re a tolerant person, and as long as nobody is trying to force you to like or believe something that was never an issue in the past, your ok with it. But certain people keep pounding away. Then you realize its a diversion, and a way for people to label you as a hater. Pure Alinsky

          5. I didnt expect you to understand. Homosexuals have to bring homosexual “rights” into every argument, Why not live your life and keep your proclivities to yourselves and that way, people wont get so sick of hearing about it. And that way, there will be a lot fewer people who loathe hearing what you have to say. No matter what, a majority of people are going to find what you advocate unnatural.

          6. If a person doesn’t have the same rights as someone else then naturally that “lost right” will be repeatedly asked for.

          7. Robert, that same Saul ( it’s OK to bomb police stations and Army recruiting booths ) Alinsky that was our DEAR president Obooma’s Mentor. That why the Boo master in chief is such an asshole….

          8. Free speech is ONLY allowed by liberals for liberals if a conservative had written anything like this you liberals would be screaming for his/her head on a pike!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Your form of tolerance is “sit down,shut up and do what we say but not as we do” I may be wrong in calling YOU a liberal Eddie47 but you’re sounding fairly close to one which IS your right SO please grant US that same right!!!!

          9. I haven’t “banned” anyone from speaking out and yes those on here are demanding her “head on a pike” . I generally point out the nastiness of people who call themselves Conservatives and expose their hypocrisies. If saying the truth is offensive then I guess that does make me a Liberal. Yes Liberals would have a filed day if a Conservative had written her thoughts and I love taking them on too. I was kicked off of ALTERNET ( a liberal site) for defending Jews and they thought I should have total loyalty to the Palestinians. See I don’t play that kind of game and try hard to defend positive free speech without all the gutter talk. On ALTERNET a few were saying all Jews were murdering Zionists which of course is a lie. Just like on here way to many claim Democrats (Liberals) are communists which is even a bigger lie.

          10. What about your OWN hypocrisies??

            You accuse Conservatives of being intolerant, yet your OWN accusations are proof of your own intolerance. The “teacher” who authored the hate-filled, intolerant trash that posed as an article is the same way. In fact just about every liberal I’ve encountered has the same corrupted thought process – accuse them of the things WE are guilty of.

            That’s a classic example of mental illness.

            As far as “banning” anything goes, just because you haven’t been able to accomplish it, doesn’t mean that the attitude doesn’t show through in everything you write.

            Any “nastiness” that results from liberal writings is a direct response to being overwhelmed by the hatred espoused repeatedly from liberals far and wide. The

            truth always comes out which is something that liberals vehemently fight and protest against continually.

          11. Back at you and your muckraking! Yet bet I don’t tolerate nasty comments and you do. That puts me on the top rung while you all wallow in the mud of filthy insults.

          12. Hmm… Another “fast” Eddie, whose mouth runs faster than what his mind is able to think! Listen and learn Eddie! Tho, your ears may burn’

          13. If it walks like a duck, if it eats like a duck, if it smells like a duck, if it sounds like a duck, if it looks like a duck…….IT MUST BE A DUCK. TRUE: Most Liberal are communists but with a strong NAZI leaning. Give eddy boy an “C+” for effort.

          14. Okay “blockhead” you are really Quacked up! I’ll give you a weak D- for ignorance and a B+ for king of BS! Nazi’s were right wing and fits right into your comments and lifestyle.

          15. I’d much rather see them hang themselves when they get enough rope (which they are steadily doing, as always) but that would cause so much human deprivation, rancor and just plain degeneration.

        1. Finding Truth (God) and promoting Virtue (Christian Ethics) used to be what Classical Education was for thousands of years. That debate and type of Worldview created the Age of Reason and the Enlightenment and the US Constitution (embedded with Universal Truth and the Laws of Nature). Catholic priests/monks founded the University system and the idea of true “education” based on the Greek Masters and the Bible (revealed Truths).

          There is no “truth” in the “liberal” mindsets anymore. None–it is moral relativism–what “feels” good, is good” like the pagan sodomites in Sparta–or the Samurai or today’s Afghanistan—it is all irrational garbage and using humans in vile ways, and rejection of Truth (God) and Science (Natural Law) for their irrational utopia where males can mate with males and be mommy and daddy and create these artificial, vile worlds which eject all the Law of Nature which created Reason and Logic in children (and eliminated the tribal mindset of the slave, peasant, serf mindset).

          Dignity and worth from ONLY Individualism came from the concept of God (Bible) and that perfection (Enlightenment) came with the model of Jesus Christ and his treatment of all people—even women and children and other cultures.

          All other world views treat women like cattle, emasculate boys and make them into irrational monsters, treat other cultures with hate and revulsion—believe in contradictory truth (Eastern Mysticiism) (no Science or Objective Truth like in the Constitution and Western Civ had for 2000 years).

        2. All you have to do is read the Post by Frank W Brown and you can see what Liberalism
          has done to this country since the second World War.

          1. Yes and there are long lists of the problems that Conservatism have wrought on America. Be careful what you ask for.

          2. The alleged “problems” brought on by Conservatism have almost always had their roots in liberal actions. Contrary to the fantasy world promoted by liberals, Conservatives have been at the root of just about EVERY positive change in our country since it’s inception. Liberals would have us believe the opposite of that! That’s why liberals fight so hard to hide and bury the truth! The truth reveals that liberals are lying, deceptive, manipulators that are never happy unless everyone else is just as miserable as they are.

          3. Where are the “truths” being hidden. Is that why the Conservative South always try so hard to hide their racist underbelly? That they are really the enlightened ones given minorities their rights. That they (Southerners) are the ones oppressed. Classic Conservative! Conservatives mangle history every chance they get.

          4. Care to name them? No fair copying off the DNC platform, Alinsky, or the Reverend AL Sharpton’s written works of profound human insight….. What?…. Oh yea, there isnt any.

        3. Right on Eddy Boy….All Conservative ideas are GOOD…..hence intelligent humans cannot tolerate the stupid, pro-abortion, ignorant, drug addled, un-American, Nazi, PC Liberals who hate ALL GOOD..

          1. Drug addled like Rush Limbaugh? Go peddle your poop somewhere else. LOL! Go back to your segregated American Nazi camps you enjoyed so much and let those of us who give a damn about everyone alone. Move forward or keep wallowing in your pig sty of hate!

      2. While we wait for that to happen, we can send our children to private, Christian or other universities that have little to no progressivism/communism forced down students’ throats. The negative atmosphere does take it’s toll on student thought because they’re subjected to it year after year. Students can also join Christian or other campus groups that have objective thinking and support them as they daily face the onslaught of progressivism/communism thought processes and outright attacks.

    3. It is all about hating Christian Ethics and indoctrinating hate for parents (the Natural Family where Reason and Logic is formed (and Common Sense))–to flip Good and Evil to the Satanic, paganism of ancient civilizations where an elite few controlled the masses. Group Think is essential, and the destruction of Individualism (Christian concept) where every individual has dignity and worth. In a collective, these Marxists, sodomites want to treat human beings like objects–to strip man of dignity and worth, so they can be herded, culled and killed like cattle.

      It is the reinforcement of Socialist worldview which started in US before John Dewey took over the indoctrination of children at younger and younger ages—to “shape” their plastic minds to destroy Reason and Logic which is always based on Christianity—which is the only Rational religion in the history of man–based on true historical events and an ideology of NEVER using human beings as a “Means to an End” (St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas)—which combined Natural Law Theory to the Bible—which created the Age of Reason, the Enlightenment and the US Constitution.

      Reason and Logic and Truth/God is being replaced by old paganism, Satanism, Worship Rites of Ba’al (sodomy) and the evil worldview where there is no dignity and worth (no God) in human beings.

      Promotion of their worldivew is to destroy the Natural Family—the Laws of Nature–so kids will be totally irrational and have no Common Sense and are only loyal to government. Teaching children that there is no Truth–no Laws of Nature (homosexual marriage) is teaching Lies and misinformation to destroy Reason and Logic in children….and deny them the ability to have the love and nurturing which prevents warped, evil people……they want Fascist types to create chaos and hate which always results in Totalitarianism.

      1. Look at what happened in Europe between ww1 and ww2 All the Despots in Europe thought they knew what was best for Everybody and they gradually took everybody’s freedom from them. Hitler, Stalin etc.

  9. So what is New? I had to live and grow with the Liberal Racism hate people. It took me years to overcome the spewed hate against anyone or anything that did not fit their mold that they thought it should. I found that these haters and mentally challenged people never change and would drag anyone trying to grow and advance in life, for they would with their long claws and teeth drag them from the latter of success back into the cesspool that they wallow in. I have experience this myself, but, I would not give up. Presently our Corrupt Politicians and Petty Bureaucrats have sold their souls and their own into slavery just to get their Palms grease with Payola. For why else did this corrupt Politicians create over 400 ruling with no control Federal Agencies? These Federal Agencies filled with the poisonous hate have become dictators who rule and you as a citizen have no rights. These Federal Agencies like the FDA, for payola from the Pharmaceuticals, approve thousands of high profit making Drugs that murder and not cure anything just so they can line their pockets. How many murders each year from these poison high profit drugs? How about over 100,000 a year or about 300 citizen die each day and here you were convinced that guns are bad. Guns are a piker in comparison to those murdered with Poison drugs and Toxic laced profit making foods. Just look around you at these people who spew hate against anyone who will stand in their way. Their way is total anarchy with them using the brain dead to do their work. So, enough from me and to all out there make sure you swallow your prescribed high profit poison drugs and each feed your face with the profit making toxic laced foods and above all follow blindly with their hate and destroy and burn for them. Chef Robert Here in what is left of the Land Of Enchantment after we were sold out by the Corrupt Politicians who have no ethics, honesty and are morally bankrupted.

  10. Here is the discrimination policy Ms. Douglas is in direct violation of.

    2.B.3 Discrimination and Harassment Policy

    It is the policy of the University to maintain an academic and work environment free of discrimination and harassment for all students, faculty, and staff. Discrimination and harassment are contrary to the standards of the University community. They diminish individual dignity and impede educational opportunities, equal access to freedom of academic inquiry, and equal employment. Discrimination and harassment are barriers to fulfilling the University’s scholarly, research, educational, patient care, and service mission.

    Discrimination and harassment based on race, sex, color, religion, national origin, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability, or veteran status will not be tolerated at the University of Michigan See SPG 201.89-1.

    Again Her Email [email protected]

  11. Hey Professor, YOU LOST we WON and it’s only the beginning. During the next two years were going to see where the barriers are either in Congress or the President. Bills will be put on his desk and we will then see just who is holding up progress. As far as “personhood” goes that’s just Liberal slang and more BS. We can put men on the moon, machines that take pictures on Mars, put a machine on a speeding Comet but YOU FOLKS cannot seem to understand the reality of just what the United States is. Learn something will you.

  12. We do not know “They will be exposed to a broad range of opinions.” We do know they will be exposed to a narrow range of liberal, larger government thinking as the colleges are getting millions of Dollars of our tax money from Washington. The college have sold themselves into liberal slavery.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  13. The nicest thing I can say to Ms. Susan Douglas is: “Opinions are like derrieres, everyone HAS one”. She takes it farther by BEING one, too.

  14. I extend an invitation for this moronic/socialist/progressive a-hole to come to my state of Communisticut- it’s suited for her. But, one warning… Then, I’ll get a dog…and train it to piss on her!

  15. Well how dare anyone not agree with a liberal ! I wonder if liberals will ever quit acting like spoiled brats and stop the name calling. Take a hard look at what liberalism is doing to our country now. Liberals are abound in both parties and look at the results so far. Do I have to mention cities like Detroit . Is our debt enough yet. Do we have enough people not working, Do we have enough people on food stamps etc. Liberalism looks like it works to me.

  16. Obviously, the brain dead libtard professor is unable to imagine what it must be like for conservatives having to cope with the inept and corrupt socialist moron currently occupying the White House. She thinks she’s got it bad! Liberalism is a disease worse than cancer. It can destroy the mind of young people forced into these communist brainwashing institutions. You know what they say, Whats good for the goose..

  17. This so called enlightened liberal communist professor needs to go into a black area of town and tell the local people she meets up with as they begin to beat the hell out of her and start putting things into her orifices that she is an “enlighten democratic obama loving all things black republican hating university professor and see how far that stops the things that are fixing to happen to her. Yeah I know it a long sentence.

  18. If Republican’s are referred to as the Party of No (saying no to destructive programs like Obamacare) Democrats are the Party of Hate….I;m glad this is coming out into the open…our colleges over run by Liberal voice only are finally being contested…I felt intimidated all my years of college by these hypocrites who call anyone who disagrees with them…”racist” or “oppressors” or anything that is mudslinging…

  19. Typical thinking of the far lefts liberals that have infiltrated our taxpayer institutions of higher education. They have no accountability to the taxpayers and use their core subject area as a vehicle to promote their lack of tolerance and hatred for anyone who has a more traditional and conservative viewpoint. The power of their grade and supervision authority will reward students who go along and cave-in to leftist leanings. Those who disagree and challenge their agenda will pay a heavy price.

  20. This guy must be a LIBERAL – – that is all there is to it. //////////////////
    Only LIBERALS think this way. //////////////////////

  21. I had the same problem in college, most of my professors were sick disgusting elitist libtards, thinking they were so much more “enlightened” than the rest of us. It just me goes to show years of study and education doesn’t teach you common sense or morality…just ask libtrash.

  22. Hate speech such as Douglas espoused is not acceptable at any University. For the University of Michigan to try and accept and justify Douglas’s hate speech in essence says the University agrees with her and what she said. Sounds as though the University hates Republicans or conservative thought also.

  23. Twisted facts spewed out by a twisted mind. These ultra liberals keep demanding diversity but only if those who are diverse agree with them. It seems to me that that is not diversity.

  24. What could more aptly represent dogmatic belief than a liberal voter that would vote for Beelzebub if he were on the Democrat ticket. As shown by the election of BHO for two terms.

    Her rantings are completely opposite of what liberalism is defined as….which they profess to be made up of an open minded tolerance for varied opinion.

    The only free thought that people like her tolerate is that which agrees with their own.

  25. It is difficult to believe “the university must and will work vigilantly to ensure students can express diverse ideas and perspectives in a respectful environment and without fear of reprisal.” when they allow professors to express and promote hate speech and who control the grading of their students with differing viewpoints.

  26. Uh oh, I see edie47 is back at work here on the comments. People, don’t get caught up in a dialog with him. You will regret it.

    1. You ran yesterday and now you are back pissing again. Will you answer the direct questions asked of you or will it be more spin doctor again.

      1. You are nothing but a nuisance and irritating to those of us who know our history and know the truth. You’re a troll, pure and simple. Get a life for crying out loud.

  27. I am tending to believe it is not the curriculum but the professors I just completed my four year degree in Texas and professors did not “inflict” their personal beliefs in students. Maybe parents should look deeper into the curriculum of universities where they intend to enroll their children. Universities should not allow professors to instill their personal beliefs, but to teach freedom of thought through analysis…Hey if I am going to shell out 50K I expect more than being taught what to think. Just my opinion…

  28. I lay the blame on the university… they should NOT tolerate professors that spew this kind of hatred and intolerance of people with different political affiliations. Politics should NOT enter the classroom. My solution, and advice to ANY and ALL universities, and any other school, would be that she (and every other teacher who does this) should be given a verbal and written reprimand and forbid them for any further politically opinionated speeches. Then, they should be monitored and reported. Education isn’t about political affiliations… it’s about teaching history, government, science, English, math, etc. … Hatred HAS NO PLACE in the classroom. Any teacher that disobeys this simple rule should be fired on the spot… even if they have tenure.

  29. the building name calling violence advocating responses leave me confident but the next class of Republican candidates who survived the primaries neither address problems nor hang on to powerpower. I buckle my seatbelt for the gridlock and the ongoing economic losses to the working men and women. power will continue to reside with Wall Street and the oil barons.

  30. American universities … both public and private are populated by faculty that espouse Liberal thinking … if a faculty person espouses Conservative thought … they are not tolerated by the Liberals on the “Tenure Committies” and they are generally denied Tenure … forcing them to leave after 3 years. There are “exceptions” of course. A faculty member may hold any personal political views but when they take these views into the classrooms … that is not “Academic Freedom” … it is institutionalized bias. Administrators know what is going on but they hide behind the generalized University of Michigan statement because they are afraid of opening a can of worms or they actually support the views of their biased faculty. The only way to combat this is when students use their cel phones and other technologies to publicly expose the nonsense. It rarely actually makes any difference, but they can protect themselves from getting the unfair grade they may receive..

  31. Let’s if we can at least look past all the hype of two parties: First of all it is ONE faction, their agendas are not as dis-similar as you have been lead to believe….Both parties have tried for years to add more control over the people. If you can think both have subverted the constitution through past decades…If we do not get back to Constitutional Government we WILL lose our liberty & freedom…..Mere observation of past and present actions by our so called government. This is what has both parties with their panties in a bunch when their are candidates AKA Radicals, who up hold the Rule of Law & empowering the people to make decisions under Constitution premise.


  33. HATE is a universal and timeless element of the PERIODIC TABLE OF THE EMOTIONS. It is refreshing to see ANYBODY (more significantly a Liberal) JUSTIFY HATE. Until we OWN AND INTEGRATE OUR DARK SIDE, it will FOREVER be lying in wait for us.

  34. It seem that universities are more interested in teaching emotional negativity than success….Dumb down the citizenry & import the success from foreign countries that will have allegiance to the dictator of the time….How’s that for indoctrination, destroy & conquer from within.

  35. This professor has the same mentality that Obama and his
    ignorant team. In the same way that a doctor performs an abortion and promotes
    it as a women right instead of seeing that as a lifestyle, this communist professor
    has to hate everyone who promotes order and respect. Liberals have hate
    everyone who believe in discipline, respect and order. They want an environment
    of chaos in which they are the only ones who have control. That is why almost
    85% of college students are liberals. They go to college to be brainwash by
    those communist. Unless that we the people believe in freedom standup and
    confront these enemies of America, our nation will fall down.

    The liberals have now an administration that hates America
    and we the people who care are only watching them destroying our nation. We must
    standup before we become another Russia.

  36. Hey listen, this useless piece of skin that’s around around her vagina just shot herself in the foot. She hates Republicans but what this idiot doesn’t understand is it was James Madison and George Washington’s conservative party that changed to the Republican party which in turn gave her all of the freedoms she enjoys today. It was the Democrat party that ruled the South and it was the Democrat Party and Democrat Politicians who “OWNED” all of the slaves to which this professor is a member of. So she hates Republicans because they want to make people responsible for their own actions and to get jobs and be productive members of this country and not let illegal combatants come across the border and not use public money for abortions. So whats the problem? Oh she can live in a big house in a rich neighborhood use tax shelters so she doesn’t pay taxes but she thinks the average middle class working stiff should be happy to fund all of these government give away’s and support all of those little black babies running around with no daddy’s? Typical Democrat Liberal, if it’s not their money then give it away and try your best to put the blame on conservatives.

    1. Another one who is politically ignorant! Sure the Southerners were Democrat at the time but they were CONSERVATIVE Democrats. It was Conservatives who bought the slaves. It was Conservatives who owned and sold these human beings. It was Conservatives who beat these humans to make them work harder. It was Conservatives who continually denied them their FREEDOM. It was Conservatives who kept them out of all education systems. When a slave tried to escape it was Conservatives who hunted them down like dogs. It was a Liberal thinking Republican Lincoln who tried to free the slaves at great sacrifice. I say tried because it was Conservatives in the South who resisted by setting up a policy of strict segregation which flourish for 100 years. It was Republicans and LIBERAL Democrats that changed all that. Then those Conservative Democrat’s were regulated to the dust bin of history. Unfortunately they were replaced by Conservative Republicans. Typical “useless” comment from you in attempting to be dishonest in who those Southern Democrats affiliated with. They were Conservative to the bone. To make it even more clearer for you the KKK was formed by a Conservative Southern General Bedford Forrest.

      1. Yeah the democrats were so Conservative they passed the law that you could own a gun in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana and Arkansas IF YOU WERE WHITE! Blacks were not allowed to legally own guns until 1902. There was no Republican Conservative plantation owners south of Virginia so your right all of the political criminals who owned and beat their slaves were democrats. You proved my point by shooting off your ignorant mouth. You are a product of the Left Liberal school system little boy.

        1. That sounds like Conservatives to a T. “If You Were White’ LOL! You are too busy shooting off more than your guns! Double LOL! You twisted fool Virginia was and had been very Conservative up until about 10 years ago That has even been a slow shift in electing a moderate. NO Southern state including Virginia has has been Liberal or Progressive and they aren’t called RED STATES for nothing. VERY VERY CONSERVATIVE! I’m thinking you weren’t even educated to not know that.

    2. she might want to have a little bit of respect for conservatives since the military is mostly Republican conservative types that protect her freedom to say these things!

  37. Truthfully I would hand the bitch over to Issis, and then see what she thinks about the republicans, and all the freedom she has endured all her life disappear before her very eyes. How in the hell does people like this get into our collages as Teachers. Dear God I have never hit a women in anger, but I am afraid I would strangle this bitch.

    1. Since there are Liberals that want to turn Cheney over to ISIS or at least a US trial for helping to drag us into these Middle East conflicts then I reckon the feeling is mutual on both sides. Yet you win in the anger and name calling diatribe.

    1. Ohhh! An Internet threat! Is that like show me your papers so you can kill me. Why would I fall for your deranged mind and feeble attempt at stupid!

  38. these colleges are funded with public taxpayers money being used to fund hatred for the republican party?
    how about our constitution?–being demonized?, with our money?–and no one is doing anything about it?
    because the message they spew out of their mouths are what politicians want
    and no one cares

  39. Just to let sorry ass liberal’s know what is going to happen down the road. We kicked your ass in the last election, and I for one have made it personal, letting all god fearing Christian, real American’s know what trash you liberal’s are. Normally we are to busy working to pay attention to your crap. Now that we are waking up wait until the next election. And next I have started interviewing Teachers at our local schools, and if any even thinks about teaching your views, god help them for I am not as forgiving.

  40. Just what I thought Eddie, no balls probably no hair either thank for letting everyone know how much of a coward you are. You want to preach to weak, you want to preach in darkness just like satin, but when it comes time to stand up you turn and run like the little coward you are.

  41. These liberal professors claim they hate the Republican Party, but the fact remains they hate America and they hate the fact that their parents generation, World War II, saved America. So they want to brainwash the children because in their preverted minds, they are getting even. These professors really hate America. They believe that America is racist and they want to replace capitalism with socialism. Education used to be upliving, about educating yourself. But today, it is about political indoctrination. With the media and academia, they can brainwash the kids, elect Obama, change America and destroy the constitution.

  42. Sounds like She and her friends in the WH all need to see a psychiatrist!!! Mental illness runs in Radical Dems. Anyone that speaks of hate like she does, should be in a rubber room. She needs to get out all her hate and frustrations from her childhood. I think the students are way smarter than she is.

  43. Why hate Repubs and TPs? Just despise them. Most of them are high
    school drop-outs. That is why they cannot develop economic policies. Their
    economic polies are to give tax breaks to the richest (trickledown economics)
    so that they can get campaign money. All they did for the last 6 years was to
    whine and find fault with President Obama policies where are and were working.
    Repubs and TPs are also liars, racists and bigots. They were raised as bad
    boys. Did I mention they hate Blacks? Look in January this year they told us
    they were going to nominate Dr. Carson. But as soon as they found he was Black
    they dumped him. Now they are recruiting Jeb Bush. Some are already questioning
    Jeb. They have found he is married to a Mexican. Repubs and TPs hate Mexicans.
    But I wonder why they like Ted Cruz who is Cuban or Latino. We don’t have to
    hate Repubs and TPs. Just despise them as dumb.

  44. Defining a university as a whore with a penchant for diversity may be economically beneficial, but the substance of the STuDieS would have all the rights and privileges thereunto appertaining. Does this explain why conservatives have many of the attributes of which Douglas accuses them. Guilty as charged.

  45. First, she earned her PhD from Brown. Another Ivy league grad so maybe she deserves a little slack. Second, she has written a bunch of books and publications setting herself up as an expert on all matters feminine and motherhood which is hard to do for two subjects that many consider to be mutually exclusive. And finally, I suspect there is an absence of Christ in her life (Unless she is a Rev. Wright “Christian”). Makes ya feel sorry for her daughter and husband, doesn’t it? (Yep, one of each. I was surprised, too)

  46. Another instance of tolerance from the left. As long as you bow to the god of stupidity, capriciousness, cupidity, absurdity and liberalism you are tolerated.

  47. Hatred from liberals? Can this be true? Absolutely. Liberals are the most narrow minded, hateful children out there. I have never met a happy liberal, though I have met a lot of junk science worshipping, social engineers who are the most intolerant people I have ever met–almost like radical muslims.

    1. Radical Muslims are Conservative just like you so sharpen you knives. Those who practice hatred like yourself are the spoiled children.

  48. Who gives a darn about a idiot who thinks he is a teacher and needs to be taught, one dumb and stupid brown shirt nazi idiot, let him talk to himself, that way hate talks to hate.

  49. The results of the California F Scale on the Authoritarian personality – intollerence of ambiguity, hateful of any change, refusal to change opinions even with evidence to the contrary, etc. have all been replicated since the scale was developed during WWII to try to explain how people could still like and actually support what he was doing while we were at war with him is a standard. These are things that are strongly associated with those who consider themselves to be ‘conservatives’. As a liberal, when I was teaching Soc in a mid-western U, I always encouraged my students to disagree with me and offered them the space in the front of the class if they had alternative views – I also went out of my way not to make any grading decisions on whether they agreed with me or not.
    Then I went to proudly the most conservative public university in the United States, Texas A & M University in College Station to work on my Ph.D. and found quite the opposite. If I disagreed with a Prof on something political or social – including whether their research methods and analyses were correct – something of a peer review which is necessary for publication – they would retaliate. The department even had an internal ‘review’ (censorship) board which had to approve all things submitted for publication. A new faculty member who was just finishing his Ph.D. at a major university submitted his dissertation to the flagship journal in the field, for the first time ever, it published the entire dissertation, but since he had not had it approved by the internal board he got fired for not publishing; the same happened to my adviser, who with my help and the help of another grad student and myself had published an article a month in a very good journal without internal review, also did not get his contract renewed. What next? Book burning?
    The bottom line is that if you are looking around at higher education institutions, and you want to go get a degree without loosing your intellectual virginity, you can find one. In more liberal universities, the faculty wants to teach students how to learn and how to balance conservative and liberal ideas and choose the ones that they think are best and be able to explain why they think that their choices are better than alternatives – knowing all sides of an issue. Understanding why, not just what is the goal of real higher education. It takes guts to be a liberal where being a conservative is easy – just ask your grandma.

  50. This has got to be the most ignorant moronic women? to ever grace the face of the earth. Maybe she should move to Iran where alla reins supreme. At least this kind of idiot would not be tolerated there. They would be dead!

  51. Democrats only believe free speech is leftist dribble. If you speak Conservative then you are vilified and hated by the so called Tolerant party.

  52. If you read this socialistic/communist’s OWN quotes, they are the one who is hateful and intolerant of ANYONE else’s opinion. THEY are the ones promoting hate, racism and more. They accuse the right of the very things they are IN FACT DOING!!!!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!! YOU’RE BEING LIED TO AND MISLED!!!!

  53. just another community organizer. i tend to ignore them, because all they do is talk out of their asses. laughing at them is the best thing i found to do. they even get madder, then you know you are getting on their very last nerve.

  54. this Professor, and i use that term as a title, not as description of someone of superior learning, is a prime example of idiots polluting the minds of the younger generation in search of a system of “government” (Socialism) that has failed in nearly every instance it has been applied in real life, Maybe some actual learning in the History of the world might be a good idea for this person. Actual learning of facts, not the propaganda put out by the Political Extreme’s

  55. 1st amendment you are suppose to have the right to like or not like any thing for any reason unless our communist party leader obama issued an executive order eliminating our first amendment he is a democrat even though he act like putin or that kid in north korea welcome to the united soviet america also known as the peoples republic of china west land where the insane lead the even more insane it truly is a zombie nation

  56. In another 25 years the college age kids of today will be the major breadwinners(maybe) in their families, I would like to hear from them then on how their liberal upbringing has turned out…This country is eroding slowly as the baby boomers die off, we were the greatest generation that brought this country to the pinnacle of the worlds power…but liberalism is slowly taking over and it will be very interesting when these up and comings are in charge….scary isn’t it.

  57. I wonder what the University of Michigan’s view would be if this piece was about how gay marriage is an affront to Christian beliefs.Ten dollars to doughnut they would be firing the prof.

  58. Oh, I wish there were some way that she could spend time in a “more liberal country” than the USA … like Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, or perhaps Russia. If she keeps on with her liberal thinking, there will be enough of them here to take over. Then, I wonder what she will do? I can’t believe I served in the military to protect and allow people like her to run down this country. As Merle Haggard said “When you’re running down the country, hoss, you’re walking on the fighting side of me”. In fact, I’ll counter her point and say “I hate a liberals”. I dearly do! They aren’t realists. They have this idealist vision of life that can never be realized. They espouse change, not for the good, but for it’s own sake. I wish her mother had felt about personhood like she does. Then, we wouldn’t have been cursed with the likes of her. I wonder just how liberals think this country can keep on running up a deficit … now $18 trillion and counting? It simply can NOT continue indefinitely. Some day, probably soon, something is going to break the bank.

  59. First off, she”s not only a “communications” professor, she’s the CHAIR of the dept. So that right there tells you that she’s mentally incompetent. A degree in “communications”.is famously known to be the best thing to get you out of your parents house for four or five or even six years and have NOTHING to show for it when you’re forced to move back in their basement. That degree and a buck Might get you a day old cup of coffee at a muffler shop.So don’t get your blood up about anything she says, but get really riled about how much the state is paying this person, whose next pair of shoes should be concrete. Oh and if your kid wants a degree in “communications” at Michigan, tell them to pick up cans by the side of the road, and flip burgers because you can eatem too to pay for it. Because you might be old but you’re not THAT stupid.

  60. This is typical LIBERAL IGNORANCE which Democrats and LIBERALS of all types (yes there are Liberal Republicans)spew as Intelligence and proper thinking of those in college. This woman and any and all agree with her should be removed from their jobs and barred from any and all teaching of children at all levels of schooling.

  61. She is right Susan Douglas now don’t get mad guys , if we used her logic how many years ago MAYBE SHE WOULD NOT BE AROUND NOW. Jackass IS WHAT SHE IS.

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