Why Women Leave Out The Back Of Planned Parenthood

A pro-life activist from Phoenix is claiming that Planned Parenthood is forcing women to exit from the back entrance due to the severe pain from abortions and they don’t want other women seeing that.

“After a few weeks of sidewalk counseling there I realized the women going inside the front door rarely seemed to leave through it,” said the activist.

“After paying close attention and speaking with women who have aborted their babies at this very clinic, the reason why post abortive women left through the back door seemed clear and clearly upsetting,”

She claimed the patients were “limping, cringing, holding their stomach, crying, or combination of the above.”

“Planned Parenthood knows this, and they know the women in the waiting room who see this will probably rethink their abortion and walk away from their appointment,”

“Planned Parenthood sends patients out the back door because if they leave out the front door women who haven’t given up their money and their child’s life will leave with them.”

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