You’ll Never Guess Which Liberal Had the Stones to Speak the Truth About Muslim Kid ‘Clock’ Controversy

Comedian Bill Maher is certainly no conservative, but even he agrees that both Democrats and Republicans should be able to find some common ground when it comes to radical Islam.

Take, for example, the ridiculous outcry over the arrest of a Muslim teenager in Texas who brought a homemade ‘clock’ to school.

Even though radical Islamic terrorists continue to blow people up around the world everyday, the entire country has to fall over itself apologizing for being racist and Islamophobic because this teens lookalike bomb-clock didn’t go off and kill a bunch of innocent children.

We now live in a country where school children are being suspended for drawing guns on paper or eating breakfast pastries into the vague shape of a firearm, let’s remember that for a moment.

Maher asked the guests on his show, why would a homemade clock get him arrested?

The race-baiter Jorge Ramos chimed in with, “The reason for this controversy was precisely the color of his skin.” He even had the nerve to say that it would never have happened if Ahmed wasn’t a Muslim.

“It’s not the color of his skin,” Maher corrected. “Somebody look me in the eye and tell me right here if so many young Muslim men – and he is young, 14, not that it never happened before — hasn’t blown a lot of s**t up around the world.”

“For the past 30 years it’s been one culture that has been blowing s**t up over and over again,” Maher added.

Mark Cuban, who spoke with Ahmed on the telephone recently, told the panel how he heard Ahmed’s sister feeding him details over his shoulder when Cuban asked the boy what had happened. This seemed to suggest that the teen may have been put up to the stunt by his family.

In recent days, it has come to light that Ahmed’s father has in the past been involved in Islamic activism.

Do you think Ahmed deserves an apology for what happened or do you think the teacher and police were wise to err on the side of caution?


  1. A cople of years ago when I last flew, I had to ship my VA medications which were liquid and were above the limit in terms of quantity to my destination over night for over $100, just so that I would have them the next day. They were in bottles sent to me by the VA, and still sealed, and would have been confiscated had I tried to take them through TSA. So how many explosive liquids are sent by the VA through the mail? I could not have even sent them USPS. Too much caution? I am an old white guy who is 100% disabled vet. Next time will it be my Hello Kitty wrist watch?

    1. I loved your last line, the answer-probably, remember the shoe bomber? You might hide something in it or she could be a timing device. LOL
      Seriously though, THANK YOU for your service.

      1. The reason for the shoe bomber and the under ware bomber was just to make us afraid – neither of these was intended to explode, because if they had, then no one would know about them from the fragments left. Now we get hung up in TSA lines, and going though scanners, all of which cost the taxpayers money and being groped and fondled legally, where if the same things were being done to us by other strangers they would be arrested.
        What I am now expecting is something of an attempt by a ‘boob’ bomber – who is ‘armed’ with explosive implants. A few years ago there was probably a young woman who smuggled drugs into the US using these. Her body, absent boobs was discovered in an ally in NYc.
        Strange world we live in, and getting stranger.
        My door mat says “WOW nice under ware”.

          1. Implants are strange things – they seem to come in different desities – with the really firm ones, when you are boobed, feeling on your back like lumps of bondo, but the others more like ordinary breast tissue. My vet asst had a double massestomy and reoonstruction a year or so ago, and when I asked she told me to feel and as I remember, they felt normal. However, about 25 years ago when I was on the road for Citi, another woman who had the firmer ones told me to do the same thing on a dance floor, so I deferred, but when we got out they two were like lumps of clay.
            When the TSA advertizes for more screeners I am going to use my vet preference points and try to get one of those jobs. Too much fun for a 76 yo man?

          1. Before my last plane trip 3 years ago it had been 17 years – before groping, just putting the keys and brief case on the belt, but the one 3 years ago was too much, so next time I’ll hitch hike.

    2. Thank you for time served sir just wanted to enlighten you to a test conducted not long ago on TSA by the F.B.I in which they sent chemicals an armours through TSA they failed miserably an a gun running operation was detected by the F.B.I that was being conducted by TSA employees so corrupting is running ramped through this administration we might as well be Mexico. Oh yea give your granddaughters watch back.

    3. Yeeeeeaah, b-b-but, all WE “vets” are “potential terrorists”…didn’t ya’ get the memo…and exactly HOW MANY ACTUAL “terrorists” have the TSA managed to “stop” in the 14 years since the GOOBERnment, in it’s ultimate “wisdom” felt such a “need” for…uummmm, that would be ZERO!
      But, just like ANY of the OTHER oooohh soooo corrupt “alphabet soup agencies”…they HAVE managed to “apprehend” quite a few elderly folks in wheelchairs, little girl, and boy “terrorists”, carrying perhaps some of those Hello Kitty watches…those things look sooooo “scary”, and maybe a couple o’ dem REALLY “questionable” “potential terrorist vets”!!!
      And thank you for your service, and sacrifice…and be careful not to take that Hello Kitty watch with ya’ next time! 😉 :-O

    1. Yeah, that Ramos for some reason thinks that this country owes him something. Ramos, and Geraldo need to go back to ME-HE-CO, or where ever they’re from. They kinda remind U of AL-SH, trouble makers!

      1. Actually, Geraldo is from Puerto Rico. He does need to go back there, and America needs to cut that place loose. We don’t need that island as a territory.

    2. If dirtbags like Ramos were “removed” from the equation…..wellll even the commie core taught SHOULD be able to answer that!!

  2. Law-abiding Americans are illegally searched every time they travel or enter a government building because we have people trying to harm us. Most of those people are muslims. If a muslim brings a device to school that even remotely resembles an explosive device, I want the police and the bomb squad called and, yes, I want him arrested for terrorism. This is a game they play. There’s an innocent device and then the big media blow up over how rudely they were treated followed by the real thing. One way to resolve the situation is to deport every last one of them. That way we don’t have to have our Constitutional rights violated any more and they won’t be subjected to questions about strange devices.

  3. The thing looks like a bomb, and the only thing it lacks is an explosive which there is plenty of room for, I am sure they did this on purpose, no apology is required and suspension would be more appropriate.

  4. It is sad Obama gives this punk kid special treatment because he is muslim. The problem is Obama, not the kid. it is clear his family put him up to it. The racial, religious, bull hockey going on in this country is because of Obama, no one else.

    1. doesnt matter if his family put him up to it or not.he would have done it if it was a real bomb also.they are raised from birth to be terrorists and kill themselves in the name of allah and kill as many americans or infidels as possible.wake up touch hole

      1. I agree scott, there is no muslim light, or moderate muslim, they are all radical islamic! Until you see them in their native homeland, and see how they do train and brainwash their families, so they can reap the world after they remove every infidel, including their converts. I’m a 21 year vet, I know exactly who they are, and how to stop them, it starts in our white house.

        1. I’m WITH you Coco.
          These idiots living in their nice little “safe neighborhoods” ( cocoons), that haven’t a clue as to how GOOD we have it here.
          THAT is why I was against abolishing the draft.
          These idiots have NO IDEA how bad it is mostly everywhere else !!

        2. You are absolutely correct Coco, these people because of their religion has an intolerance against everything American or western in culture. The mass exodus of islamics heading to Europe from their homelands is a preconceived plan of taking over all of Europe by reason of refugee asylum. The refugee asylum is the modern day Muslim crusade of conquering Europe, it is the modern day Trojan Horse. The culture and lifestyle of Europe as we now know it will cease to exist in just a few years if this Islamic exodus isn’t stopped. Already those migrants that have made it to their host countries are making demands of them and this will be only the beginning. I know this because I have family living in Europe that are seeing the flood of humanity coming from those Muslim countries and are hearing their demands. That flood of humanity isn’t in the thousands, it is swelling into millions. My family members living in Europe are making plans to eventually leave there because of what they are witnessing as a takeover of Europe by the claims of refugee asylum from the Islamics.

  5. Why if he can get away with this why do they punish a child for making a gun out of a piece of bread like Sharpton he will get away with this.

  6. This crap is typical of Obama, jumping into something that has nothing to do with him because it’s the fad of the day. This was a hoax by this family and Obama fell for it hook line and sinker. Islam radicalism is the main problem in the world today and just because theyre in Texas doesn’t mean he isnt one of them. It boils down to this, DONT MAKE SOMETHING THAT LOOKS LIKE A BOMB AND TAKE IT TO SCHOOL!!!!

    1. You’re right…. this could easily be a ploy for the Muslims to say, “don’t you look foolish, thinking we’re dangerous?” So people relax and ease up on potential terrorist attacks awareness… then, BOOM!! Dead people everywhere.

      1. One boom could be an unhappy person but how about 10 or 20 or even more all over the country in a concerted attack which is really likely. Time to stock up on anti-muSLIME ammo. That’s pig blood contaminated hollow points.

        1. How will they know it’s tainted with pig blood?
          Since there is no proof of a hereafter the idea is one of a psychological fear to be instilled.
          Now if everyone had a way to have their spent cartridges they leave behind be imprinted with a “pig” so the enemy would know the weapons being used were firing “tainted” munitions you might have something.

          1. Perhaps a demonstration, along with an explanation, put on YouTube will get the message across? Keep in mind, they’re no strangers to technology.

          2. I would think that any Muslim would naturally assume that if an American civilian were shooting at him/her the ammunition being used may be tainted with pig blood or fat. And yes that assumption could have an physiological effect on the Muslim that is in the line of fire, wondering if wether or not that ammo is tainted with pig blood or fat. They wouldn’t want to take any chances on loosing out on having a bevy of virgins in their supposed afterlife.

          3. I would like to think so too… but that doesn’t seem to have been a deterrent so far. What we need is a public demonstration. They’ve demonstrated what happens to “infidels” with beheading, bombing, and burning caged victims, throwing them off of roofs, etc. The THOUGHT of any one of our ammunition tainted with pig’s blood should send fear into their hearts. Maybe that’s yet another ruse?

          4. Maybe so, but at least it would give us civilians some satisfaction thinking that it would send fear into the Muslims hearts, wether or not that it actually does. You know, like when we were kids and woke up in the middle of the night being frightened that there may be a boogy man under the bed, but we didn’t have the courage to look and see if there were. Lol.

          5. I love it!!! I believe you just coined the word for our RETALIATION response! Everyone remember who said it first… John Last!

          6. No, Sir.
            There actually is/was an ammunition company that advertised munitions painted w/paint infused w/ pigs blood.
            Google jihog ammunition.

          7. I did buy a shirt, hat & stickers.
            Haven’t yet worn them, or put the sticker on my bumper-
            waiting until I can afford to buy an M114.
            I may be “some-dumb, but not plumb-dumb” !!!

          8. I googled jihog… but they said “did you mean jihawg?” It was spelled differently, but no matter, it’s still the same idea. It said in the commentary that it’s not specified in the Qu’ran that if the recipient didn’t KNOW about the tainted bullets that they would go to hell. Or if they consumed pork products without their knowledge. It stated that the only way to get them to NOT enter heaven would be during their imprisonment, and being forced to eat pork… or face starvation.

      2. Incidences such as this are just trial runs leading up to the actual thing. They get people to thinking that this type of incidence is all innocent and harmless to get everyone off gaurd then at the right moment, those innocent look-a-like bombs or clocks (as in this case) turn into the real thing. Paranoid much, maybe, err on the side of safety, you betcha. Especially when it involves this particular group of people that comes from a country that practice a religion of intolerance against everything American or western culture. The Islamics will lie to tell people what they want to hear and they are deceitful by nature, it is their custom and that is how they have dealt with one another for centuries in the middle east. Just because this incedent with the clock turned out to be supposedly innocent doesn’t mean that we should let our gaurd down, the next time could be the real thing.

        1. Exactly!! This “innocent” kid could just keep bringing that innocent briefcase with his “clock” in it to school for a few days, but that one day… it’s overlooked as being his “normal” behavior… and it’s loaded with explosives, but the thing is, nobody dares to even challenge him about it anymore… oops!

    2. There have been reports, of which I haven’t verified nor seen verification, that the Obama White House responded almost immediately to the arrest of this student. For a POTUS that leads from behind and gets most of his news (by his own admission) from MSM I wonder how they could have been faster on the reporting than MSM.

      1. He focused attention on this lying, piece of shit-bastard while the rest of America goes down the tube. Typical Obama stupidity. Thanks all you phucking Liberals

      2. One of Obama’s former administration aides is the head of CAIR in Texas. I am sure that he called Obama right away with the news of how racist this Texas school and police were!!

    3. I wondered if this could be a little feeler, “let’s see how the school, public and more important, the President, responds before we actually do something seriously”? I am positive if it is a feeler, they got the exact response they were looking for, next time it might be for real.

  7. The whole thing was contrived, was built to resemble a bomb with the intention of jacking up the Americans. Get all the attention and gifts because we picked on a 14 year boy, a good job of manipulation on us. Any way to profit off the Americans. He and his family should be sent back to their original home, out of here. Leaches.

  8. Reports are out that Ahmed sister was suspended from school for making a bomb threat. Prior to this incident,With her 14 year old brother.

  9. Good science kid…. brings to school something that a non-science teacher might easily think looks like a bomb. Here’s a smart kid, looking forward to scholarships, very likely proud of his accomplishment. Arrested for his religion and his skin color, basically his heritage, by a paranoid society. That’s a liberal’s point of view. Now, this whiz kid, who obviously knows how to tinker with a “clock.” Seriously, who’s to say that the extra space in that briefcase wouldn’t be able to hold “Phase II” of his project…. an explosive complete with a timer?? That’s the SANE way to approach this problem. We don’t need to go overboard with paranoia, but let’s face it, they were being sensible in arresting the boy for NOT explaining himself for this until they could rest assured the school wasn’t in any danger. Terrorists sending their kids to school in America haven’t exactly advertised their intentions… who’s to say he didn’t learn this from his good old dad?

  10. Maybe Mahr is starting to realize that the PC crowd will put he and his family, friends, co-workers, community at risk.

    First of all Islam / Muslim is NOT a race but a political cult disguised as a religion.
    One also needs to realize that a phobia is “an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something”. As history has shown us in thousands of attacks from Islamist fanatics this is not in any way irrational or extreme response to their actions.

    Time to shut down the phony immigration until there can be clear and extensive vetting of people. If you haven’t seen the reports on how easy it is to get false documents please search out the reports so it leaves no question in your mind.

  11. And now his muslim parents are trying to sue anything that moves. It is called GREED! And, of course, ovomit is backing the muzzies as usual! The kid that had the audacity to call ovomit out on this stupidity was punished for calling a “spade a spade” and that young man is a Christian. Anyone else see a pattern that has been going on for ovomit’s term as POS gay muslim a$$ in office???

  12. But Obama invited this future terrorist to the black house, either to learn how to do this himself, or bounce him on his knee, then later probably feed him a date rape pill. While muslims continue to teach their kids about bombs and guns killing all, and beheading infidels, while American kids are being taught about being PC, the gender game, hate those awful guns, God is not real, America and rich people suck, muslims are a peaceful bunch, the Gov. knows best, and only black lives matter! Is there any doubt WHY we are destine to fall!!

    1. …and Heaven forbid Killary is elected !
      I’ll have a bumper snIcker made :
      “The White House is now the R.O.W. House”
      R.O.W. ? Rotting Old Whores’ house.

  13. Ahmed and his whole fcking Family should be DEPORTED! Democrats and Liberal morons just don’t get it about Muslims. Their GOAL is to take over the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!! Get THAT through your moron brain.

  14. This goes along with the bizarreness of todays poltical and societal meanderings. This goes beyond the common sense, that, with the Religious/Political Muslim faith that has murdered and maimed thousands through cloaked explosive devises, the liberal medias and liberals scoff at this incident. All the while they arrest and castigate children that have cookies resembling a weapon, truly, shows a lack of common sense and fringes upon the insanity of the progressive entity.

    These things that are happening can be controlled, but it takes unity among all. People have let this Nation slip into a 180 deg. shift of thinking, by the progressives,called political correctness; which now, the end result is working, working to undermine our system.

          1. Hard to believe we have that many stupid people in this country. When it’s gone, they’re gonna all say, what HAPPENED, WHAT WENT WRONG, this is NOT what we wanted!

          2. When the next president, not counting Bush, elected, TWICE, after Muslims murdered 3,000 Americans on 9-11 is a Muslim, that means there are a hell of a lot of stupid people in this country. No nation inhabited by a people that stupid can not survive.

  15. The teachers and police were absolutely correct in their actions. This political correctness crap is insane. Racist jackasses like Ramos should have their sorry butts kicked right up between their ears. There is one thing and one thing only I agree with Maher with. He gets it when it comes to radical Islam. Apologizing for these barbarians and making excuses for them is insanity. I suspect Obama jumps in to excuse them because he is one OF them.

  16. The 14 yo muslim schoolboy was just probing to see if anyone would report it. The problem is now no one will take those steps again. No one will alert the authorities for fear of ridicule by the libturd media and Obama tactics. The teachers who see something will just go home sick asap. Everyone else will blow up. That was a decoy bomb. My final thought is ,

    1. I remember a “commercial” where a car manufacturer (I can’t remember which one) was advertising the safety of their car. In the scenario, a Muslim car bomber was going to blow himself, his car, and the surrounding buildings and people up. His bomb went off in the car, and everything and everyone around OUTSIDE the car was untouched, and everyone just heard a muffled “boom”…. the outside of the car was still intact, and the bomber was destroyed without harm to anything else. You might be able to find that one on YouTube.

  17. The FIRST thing these libs use to further their agenda is a child. Look at it, they are FOR killIing unborn children, BUT use our “knee-jerk” reactions against the rest of us.
    If someone where to beat his parents into a coma, I believe they would be justified.
    I believe they are weakening school security, so we can have more gang activity (poor, poor black youths), more drug activity (a la new pot laws), and more school shootings (great anti-gun press).
    Children are just like paper plates to these bastards.

  18. Hell, no! Apologize to the victims of these barbaric sicko camel-humpers. Oh,no that’s right, you can’t because their lives were snuffed out by these sons-of-a-bitches that are just dirty,disgusting pieces of camel dung.

  19. I thought it was a set up incident for propaganda purposes with the first reports on it, when I saw that the terrorist related CAIR and obama immediately spoke out against the school and the police, that was my first clue that it had been planned. The phony outrage was too quick and from the highest level of government. They need to give it a few days and pretend they’re looking into the next incident they try to trick us into believing.

  20. Extremely wise to err on the side of caution!!! Of course, the Muslim in Chief as usual, sticks his Big Nose in it and praises it! An American president would, at the very least, get all the facts first, then speak. A Genuine American president would Defend the actions of the teacher and police and tell the entire country they did the right thing. Not Osama Obama!! Make a hero out of what This American is calling, if nothing else, a test to see how far he could get with a bomb!!

    1. If this had been a White person, he would have taken action, family and all would still be questioned, then he would have his DOB (J) take control, then they would all be considered terrorist!

  21. It is nearly impossible for civilized people to wrap their minds around the mindset of Islamism. How does one deal with a mindset that believes it is a sin to take instruction, advice or counsel from a non believer? Believes anyone that will not acknowledge Allah as god should be enslaved or killed? What we fail to recognize is most all religions are founded on theology. Islam is founded on political totalitarianism disguised as religion. Mohamed invented this religion to compel ignorant people into submitting to him. Another misconception is that Allah is the same god acknowledged by Christians and Jews. Not so! Mohamed elevated an obscure Arabian moon god and promoted that idol to supreme being and himself as this “god’s” prophet. Weak minded peoples are still falling for it, and those that bend over backward to appease this phony religion are just as weak minded. As for Obama, anyone that believes he is a Christian, not a Muslim, I have some prime beach front property for sale on the shore of the Sea of Tranquility.

    1. Excellent Point.
      There are soooo many “low information” voters, and non-voters in our Country on Both sides !
      Thanks to H.E.W. and teachers unions (socialist programmers), I don’t believe we have but 20% of our citizens that understand their responsibilities ( to themselves, their family, or OUR COUNTRY).
      I believe when “the draft” was abolished (thanks tricky dick & cowards in both parties, AND the so-called “,greatest generation’s cowardice) – America began this slide into the cesspool !!!!

  22. So sad that our country has been brought down to such a low level. Whether you are a Christian or not, the facts are that this/our country became great, not on its own merit but because the United States of American was founded on Christian/Judeo moral principals. We have been Blessed from the very beginning. Who would ever believe that ONE man could bring us to this level, well no, not just one man, as he has had plenty of help from the left liberals. Do they really love our country? They (the Muslims) have been slaughtering one another since the beginning of time and who is letting them into our country?? O’Bama can’t do it alone, the liberals (and this includes Bill Mayer) have gone right along with O’Bama !!! Having said all this, I am not for one minute saying that our system of Free Enterprise and Capitalistic freedom hasn’t messed up, but listen, how many people are trying to get into any other country like the USA? Come on everybody, lets bring our country back to where it was!! We need new leaders soon, Time is drawing to a point where all will be lost if not too late already. God Bless.

    1. History indicates it is already too late. And why would God Bless a nation not only hell bent on denying Him, but insists on giving God the finger?

  23. Sounds like a plan to get people to be scared to report a strange looking device to law enforcement.. Maybe once they decide to make thier move and attack America, it’ll be several “clocks”. This country needs to stop being so politically correct, and protect its people. These other countries let refuse to let in Muslims are on the right track.. Some even refuse to let in blacks. Just think how great this country would be if there was no Obama here.. Or Sharpton, or Jackson.. Or OJ Simpson.. Or … Ect, ect, ect

  24. PC is the clear culprit…oh,and all the false flagg events and lies and the dirty pool the gov’t plays and the fact that the progressives want this type of thing to happen,as in people living in fear and chaos!……but obama should have never asked this faker kid(who just took apart a store bought clock)to the white house!ever!…NO!

  25. Why don’t we all start our own White Terrorist training camps, not to destroy America of course, just the haters. Do U think the Gov. would approve, like they do for the muslims camps scattered all around, or would we be put on the IRS watch list, or WORSE!!

  26. I think that it was a dry run to bring in a bomb later on. A bomb that size could do a lot of damage to a classroom full of kids. If I were one of the parents, I would be raising max amount of hell over this incident.

  27. WELL: I would have suspected it as a BOMB hell RAGHEADS younger than this one have Blown shit and people up. This was a trial run to see how long he could carry a briefcase bomb around before some one noticed. NEXT TIME it will be a real BOMB and when he pulls the pin there will be many children killed. WILL OBAMA invite the PARENTS to the White House ? DOUBTFUL !!

  28. You can never be to safe. Why in the world was he bringing a home made clock to school in the first place. Was it a trial run for something bigger?

  29. These people are not assimilating into America’s culture. If people do not assimilate they should return to the country of their origin.

  30. The race baiters are trying to shift the focus, don’t let them. Buddy hit on it pretty much in his last line. Add to it who knows who mad the thing or why. Remember the question at the end of the article? Of course arrest the kid! I’d leave him in solitary until he was old and gray.

  31. We have these trashy ragheads blowing themselves up at bazaars all over the world, taking out as many innocent lives as possible and they want an apology for this one? What Maher should have asked that IDIOT, Whorehead Ramos was; “what if it HAD been a bomb and blew up a bunch of those children and teachers?” What I still fail to understand is WHY anyone would have that stupid jackass on to begin with? Why not just let him stay in his own sty at UniMexiCucarachavision? I think that if those camelpuck eaters were so offended then they should just pack their rags and grab the next camel out of the country. They’re as bad if not worse than all the illegal cockroaches pouring across our borders from the South and, they ALL stink like shit.

  32. The radio was not “home made”! There was absolutely no valid reason to bring it to school. What would be the rational? “Look teacher, I am a genius who took the case off from a production radio. Isn’t that remarkable?”

  33. There is only one ethnic group that is blowing up and cutting off peoples heads all over the world and their numbers a growing rapidly here in the CHRISTIAN US of AMERICA. It is better to err on the side of safety then it is to BURY a loved one because it was a BOMB and nobody stopped the series of events prior to detonation.
    Wait till the muSLIME population approaches 20% then stand by for FUN & GAMES with who kills who first. We really need a BLACK JACK PERISHING to teach AMERICANS how to handle muSLIME jihadist/combatants. He did it right in WW1 Philippines.

    Austinniceguy said it well during the time I was typing this. Bottom line, Pack up every raghead and put their camel loving asses on slow boats back to the sands and sink every one of them to feed the sea life.

  34. I vote on the side of the teacher and police. How do we not know that this was a test run to see if a bomb could actually be brought into the school and do what muSLIMES have been doing all over the world for the past 40 years, which is blow up innocent people and places. Good job police and teachers. From what I am reading about this msSLIME family is that their zsses should be deported immediately.

  35. First, that was no invention at all, second…he is not a boy. At 14, I had to work and study full time, I had no time for hoaxing around and making believe something I was not. If you want to be getting kick on your rear-end and been a puppy or al slave, go right ahead, keep idolizing the “religion of peace”. Keep persecuting the message of love and liberty expressed in Christianity and see how fast America is disappearing!!!!

    1. Wellllll, if ya’ wanna get “technical”….it kinda DID “invent” the “popularity, coverage, and outrage” that surround this ENTIRE BS “attempt” at what some may refer to as no more than another “false flag event”, or perhaps an attempt from the prog/lib, leftist loons at “throwing their weight around”, by rubbing it in OUR faces that they can “come up” with something like this, and the rest of US can actually “swallow it”!!

  36. This was a setup by this Muslim Terrorist Kid since all he had to do was show the teacher or principal what this this clock was and explain what he did and there would have been no Problems. I wouldn’t doubt that the next time there will be a Real Bomb from this Muslim Terrorist. Never Trust any Muslim and in fact most of them need to rounded up and shipped off to some other Muslim Countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, Indonesia, Kuwait and all the others.

  37. Come on people…when Bill Maher, “Mr,Liberal” himself can see the TRUTH in this entire BS SHAM, it should slap anyone else square in the face! And though I can understand the reasoning behind Maher “inviting” one of THE WORST race baiters this Country is cursed with, to “debate” this entire “oooh so news worthy” (yes, sarcasm) “story”, I find it not only offensive, but an insult to a persons intellect, that this type of nonsensical, asinine, and perhaps even childish garbage is even given the type of “media coverage” this “clown show” has been given!!!
    And as far as the the teacher, the “media”, or actually ANYONE else goes, the question they close this particular article with, asking about their “err on the side of caution”….this question WOULD NOT even be asked if the kid were not a “poor victimized” muslime…FACT…PERIOD!!!!

  38. Word has it that obama reacted before it was public an now theres reason to believe his sister was coaching him on the phone an his parents are members of a radical mosque an his juvenile records are sealed but the police arrested him based on those records an in Texas courts shot down sharia law an the schools will not honor islamic holidays also there are quite afew islamic encampments they call religious sect this is quit the puzzle wonder where the next terrorised attack will be.

  39. No APOLOGY is needed to the boy or his family, or the Muslim culture. Why did he chhhose to bring it to school??? Was it an assignment??? This boy and family get what they get for their joke. We are threatened at every turn by Muslims. They need to stay in their own wonderful country and enjoy life!!!

  40. Hell no he does not deserve any kind of apology this is just a setup for when the next time it might be real and nothing will be said then it well be to late and if that sounds racist get over it I am not blind or stupid….

  41. .

    That was a set up. He should return all the “goodies” he was given. He is far from being an electronic genius and the mainstream media looked like he was picked on and persecuted by the Administrator and teacher because of his dark skin and religious beliefs. this ws not the case at all. If it looked like a bomb to them, they should of notified the authorities. I did not read where the science teacher ever cam to his defense and explain it was a project he brought to show her. also, if she had the slightest inkling that it would be mistaken for a bomb she should have kept it for him and have him pick it up after school. Neither rce nor religious beliefs were the reason he was arrested. If the father had lived in their home for 30 years, how come the sister said they moved to Texas when she started middle school. We would not have to worry about future scientists if instead of Common Core Science, schools were allowed to teach and encourage students in true science classes. How many schools today teach biology, chemistry, and other sciences today? O’Bonehead spiel about encouraging students to have an interest in science was a laugh, when students are taught false information and do not have hands on science as funding has been cut off for this. when reading about Common Core science courses it is all computer and/or book learning,not physical activities doing science projects. We all know from Obrainless robotic mouth, he is no scientist and evidently does not know how to comprehend what true scientists report. He is and always was a “scammer”. I never read what his science project was or if their even was a science project to do. O’bonehead and Amnesty crazy Zuckerman and Microsoft were too prepared to make public statements and bestow perks to him.

  42. The juvie Muzzie stooge AND his manipulative old man need to be flogged with a raw, bloody pigskin…
    then, some raw bacon shoved down their groaty throats with a stick.

  43. GGM: I think you must have a good conscience to return something that you received immorally in bad conscience unless you are part of jihad against the infidel

  44. Calling wolf, calling wolf, calling wolf, calling wolf.


    GOTCHA, fools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Crazy outcry over small stuff. First, this is the age of over reacting. I think it’s crazy that some years ago, a boy was suspended for making the “gun” shape with his fist and finger and saying “bang” to another boy. But let’s be realistic. In light of today’s reality, if one of my kids made a home made clock and wanted to take it into school, I’d suggest he or she talk to the teacher first.

  46. If enough muslim kids do what Ahmed did and are left with the same result; praise from the president, one day a muslim kid will walk into a school with a clock that is a bomb and will not be questioned or sent home. Boom!!!

  47. Political correctness is surely going to kill us. The news media and Obama are so quick to defend a Muslim that they Do not consider the situation or the truth. Who makes a clock in a suitcase with a wiring harness like the one this kid did? It was a trial run for the real thing with the explosives.

  48. Time for transparent back packs for all students… metal detectors at school entry points… armed teachers and school officials. Even in school parking lots, parents aren’t allowed to have weapons, yet most schools don’t even have one armed guard.

    Private or home school your kids if you want them safe.

  49. I saw the video of this when it was first released.
    In it, Bill Maher said the 14 year old Muslim kid’s “clock” looked like a “F**kin bomb”.
    Good for Bill Maher.
    But what he followed that with made him look like he didn’t believe what he had just said.
    He followed his statement that the kid’s clock looked like a bomb by saying that this Muslim kid deserved an apology.
    An apology???
    By who?
    And for what?

    From the teacher who rightly raised the alarm?
    From the police who acted appropriately and did their job?
    For a famous entertainer, or anyone in the public eye, to flip-flop on an issue such as this is as outrageous as it is dangerous.
    What this Muslim kid did with his “clock” was a dry run for the real thing.
    And was intended to cause just exactly the results it did; it gave this kid and the Muslims the chance to play the victim card, to support the ridiculous idea the we are persecuting all the Muslims in our country, to solicit sympathy for the Muslims, and to make Americans more accepting of Islam and willing to give in to the Muslims’ never ending and ever increasing demands (even as they are taking over our country from within),

  50. Was it really a clock? I heard one source, (I’m not sure who,) say that it was a TEN second timer, NOT a 12 hour clock type mechanism. Which was it ?

  51. I saw the video of this when it was first released.In it, Bill Maher said the 14 year old Muslim kid’s “clock” looked like a “F**kin bomb”.
    Good for Bill Maher.
    But what he followed that with made him look like he didn’t believe what he had just said.
    He followed his statement that the kid’s clock looked like a bomb by saying that this Muslim kid deserved an apology.
    An apology???
    By who?
    And for what?
    An apology from the teacher who rightly raised the alarm?
    An apology from the police who acted appropriately and did their job?
    For a famous entertainer, or anyone in the public eye, to flip-flop on an issue such as this is as outrageous as it is dangerous.
    What this Muslim kid did with his “clock” was a dry run for the real thing.
    And it was intended to cause exactly the results it did; it gave this kid and the Muslims the chance to play the victim card, to support the ridiculous idea the we are persecuting all the Muslims in our country, to solicit sympathy for the Muslims, and to make Americans more accepting of Islam and willing to give in to the Muslims’ never ending and ever increasing demands ,even as they are taking over our country from within,

  52. Absolutely wise to err on the side of caution. No apology necessary. If anyone deserved an apology, it was the children that were suspended on ridiculous charges of eating a pop tart and drawing a picture.

  53. Why is no one saying it is a form of a homemade triggering device that could easily be connected to a bomb? Crude as it may be, by all accounts I have heard, it works.

  54. Send the kid and his family back to where they came from. I believe we, Americans tax payers, are assisting his parents with housing, food, and everything else they can get free. They are on the government dole and now they plan on suing the Irving School District. It is ridiculous the publicity this liar has gotten and if you are for him and his family my I suggest you take over free payments because I am damn sure tired of paying for people that want our freedoms and money but then want to change our country (and they are doing it slowly) into the crapping country they moved here to get away from for a better life. If you do not want our laws, our Constitution, then you do not want our freedom go home. You will not be missed.

  55. That clock was not homemade it came from Radio Shack,it was just pulled out of it’s case.It had serial #’s on it still,I do think it was done to test for reaction about being a bomb. Next one will be the real thing.These people didn’t come here to get along,they have come here to take over.If more people don’t start realizing that we are done for.

  56. I think they are out there trying to set up “lawsuits” …making it look like they are being discriminated against. It is not our fault that the muslims are the ones blowing people up in the news every day. I haven’t heard of a Mormon doing that or a Southern Baptist or a Druid or Wiccan! This was a setup and the First Dummy fell for it and THAT was discrimination against all the kids sent home for completely innocent acts who nobody noticed and nobody apologized. If this kid is smart enough to build something like this, he is smart enough to know that it would cause alarm at school. He should be expelled and if the parents do not like it let them find a school they are happier with in one of muslim countries who would let him bring something that looked like a bomb to school! The news said we have 3 million muslims here…why is such a small minority getting so much consideration and attention? Ridiculous!

  57. Gee the kid takes the casing off of a digital clock and remounts it inside a briefcase in a configuration that would make Jack Bower yell bomb and the President falls all over himself to apologize for the racist actions of the teachers and police. It’s not an invention unless that circuit board has had an additional component added like a detonation relay switch. So the budding inventor is actually violating someones patent.

    The media is playing us again. If the child had been white suspension would have been expulsion with no apologies being offered or public outrage to demand them.

  58. I’ am a watch maker myself, and he did not build this clock, tis type you can buy in department stors, radio sjack,he simply removed the original case, and mounted it in a small brief case, but he changed a couple of wires, so now the clok is counting down, why is that.? Personaly, I’ think it was a dry run, that;s why he dident talk.

  59. It was a test by the father to see what he could get away with these scumbags have no problem blowing up their own child in the name of a pedophile what a bunch of scum. every radical muslim bag of chit should be tossed out of this country and police stationed inside every damn mosque monitoring the terroist activity that takes place in there.

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